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Determination is when inspiration, motivation and action come together. It is the fuel that feeds our passion. I am ready to do what I need to do to create a more loving and kinder world. It may be one blog at a time, one heart at a time, and one Gift of Love at a time; but, I am determined to keep going and make things happen. My heart breaks each time I learn that another person has committed suicide because he or she could no longer take the bullying! CLICK HERE  for the recent story on the seventh grade girl who recently took her life

I am determined to change that. VICTIMS no more!!! I want to create SURVIVORS of bullying. I want to create POSITIVE LEARNING and BUSINESS ENVIRONMENTS, where KIND and LOVING words and actions are COMMONLY PRACTICED and not the exception. Let me ask each of you this, when you are out and about your communities and at work, do you become absorbed in your business? Do you become so focused that you lose site that there are others around you? 

I am not saying that is bad nor am I passing judgment. I just want to make everyone aware how we can affect others in a positive way with very little effort. Encourage our youth by being role models for them. Let us unplug from our smart phones when around people whenever it is possible. Make eye contact and smile with others as much as you can. Make a point to greet others when around other people.

Try to value everyone with whom you interact at the grocery store, gasoline station, at work, at play and wherever you have an opportunity to make connections (especially when you are out and about with your children). It does not take much to make others feel valued. A little love truly goes a long way. And, children and teenagers pick up on more than we are aware as they really do watch the adults in their lives.  

How you interact with others is a visual cue to the children in your life. Our children learn what is appropriate and what is inappropriate by how you act and react with others. Take for instance how you interact in traffic situations when you are in a rush to get somewhere, are you patient or impatient with the slower traffic ahead of you? Are you on your mobile phone? 

Most likely I am blogging to the choir; but, I know I am even guilty at times of not being completely present. It is easy to get so focused in what we are doing that we ignore what is going on around us; and, in some instances this type of focus is quite appropriate. I am determined to do more and get my anti-bullying/kindness-promoting programming out into the our world. This is my passion.

You can do your part simply by taking baby steps to smile more and spread around a little more love (even if you feel it is undeserved).  Do we honestly deserve the love we have been given by Jesus Christ? Every one of us fall short, but, God is Love. And Love does not pass judgement. Let us all live a life in determination, a determination to create more positive experiences. It truly is our choice. Let’s do it! 

I will be adding more content and programs to my organization’s website, Hearts That Care, this month, so please check back often. 


Joy comes when one recognizes the angels that come into our lives. 

An angel came indirectly into my life tonight when my parents were stranded. My parents were in the parking lot of one of those warehouse stores that sell items in bulk. Their car engine was being stubborn and would not start; furthermore, they also had a flat tire. An angel came to help them. The angel came in the form of an adult male who took over exchanging the flat tire for the spare one. This task proved to be a bit  daunting for my aging father (who in his heart and in his mind is still 23 years old) as the tires were quite heavy. 

The angel also allowed my parents to use his mobile phone to call me; unfortunately I was unreachable. My parents decided to proceed with their shopping. Then another unseen angel (or more) came down and blessed the car engine as it miraculously started when they were ready to leave the store. Another angel allowed my mother to use her mobile phone to let me know that they no longer needed my assistance.  Three or more angels blessed our family tonight. We are JOYFUL.

Upon reflection, I not only see the joy in this experience; but, I also see a lesson. How can we be the angel in the lives of other people? Sometimes is can be something as easy as allowing someone you do not know to use your phone; or, it can be something as big as helping another change a tire. It can be helping a mother struggling with babies and packages with her items. It can be holding the door open for another.

One of my favorite angelic deeds I have heard about is paying it forward such as paying the toll for yourself and the car behind you or paying the bill of the person behind you at a fast food restaurant drive-through. Imagine the joy it would bring to another when we can do actions like that for others. What other pay-it-forward deeds can you imagine and do? 

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