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Thank Goodness

As we appreciate the goodness in the world and in people, we plant seeds, nurture these seeds and create roots for more goodness to grow in the world and develop in people. I have seen some incredibly wonderful, kind deeds being done. My schoolmate and friend Janet has arranged it so that our local donations of blankets, winter clothing and coats and similar items can be taken to those devastated by hurricane Sandy up in New Jersey, New York and other surrounding areas. This gave me and my family an opportunity to share and contribute.

I know of many people who are finding ways to help and make a difference one way or another to all those up in the North Atlantic and in the Caribbean who were in the path of the freakish storm. I am certain that many of you who follow my blog have prayers in your heart and have most likely made a contribution to help one way or another to those who have been affected by Sandy. Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart. All this goodness is appreciated. Thank goodness!



Preparation, for a storm is a brewing…

We are preparing for the worst and praying for the best. Hurricane Sandy is getting a lot of press lately, but it is truly better to be safe than sorry. Back in 2003, when hurricane Isabel came through, hardly anyone expected the 8.5 feet tidal storm surge we received. There was so much property damage. It looked like a war zone during the clean up.

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There was so much debris, ruined appliances and furniture on the streets. There were so many trees down due the many little tornadoes that spawned as a result of Isabel. These caused a power outage that lasted a week. We didn’t get our phone back for ten days. Despite all we endured,  we were grateful no one was hurt. Things can be replaced, people cannot. May God bless all of us who are on the East Coast with me who will be affected by hurricane Sandy. Preparations are key; please stay safe.


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