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Imaginary Creatures

A fun way to enhance your imagination is to imagine a create, any type of creature or organism. It can be realistic or unrealistic or even fanciful. Do you remember Sesame Street with Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Grover and Elmo, and so many more wonderful imaginary creatures? Jim Henson and his Muppets stole the hearts of many children and adults.  Do you recall Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood that fabulous program on PBS that featured Trolley and the Land of Make Believe? Many of the children’s programs we grew up with engaged our imagination and taught invaluable lessons of caring and compassion. 

Today, you are invited to imagine and make a creature. To get the most out of this activity, it is recommended that you have paper, paint (or at least markers or crayons) and scissors. In the above image, Creatology­™ Non-Toxic Glitter Paint and a standard sheet of blank printer paper were used. A few dots of paint were randomly placed on the paper, then the paper was folded in half, top to bottom.

The paint was spread from the fold toward the edges using a hand or a stiff plastic card. Then the paper was gently opened and rotated until an image that looked like a creature emerged. If paint is not an available, use your scissors to cut along the fold in any pattern. When you open it you will see a symmetrical shape. Use your markers or crayons to make a creature.

If you are a savvy artist or a writer, you can simply draw or write about whatever fanciful creature that comes to mind. Consider the following questions: How large is your creature? Will your creature have an internal skeleton (like a dog or human) or external skeleton (like an insect or shellfish)? What outer covering will your creature have: skin, fur, feathers, scales, warts, hair, slime, etc.? How many eyes, legs, arms, etc. will your creature have? What does it eat? Where does it live? Could it live in out space? Is it equipped to withstand different temperatures? Can your creature transform into a gas or liquid or another form? Does your creature have sharp teeth? Does your creature have its own language? Does your creature have its own technologies? Is your creature friendly?

This is your imaginary creature, so it can be anything you wish. You have the choice to make it unique/one-of-a-kind or give it a family or society. You may even wish to create a story around your creature. You can do this exercise anytime you want to expand your imagination and creativity. This imagination activity help to develop one’s ability to problem solve as one seeks new ways of thinking about creatures and how diverse and unique they can be. Is that not great? Enjoy this activity as you pretend to be a child again in the land of make-believe. 

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