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Identifying Social Styles of Others

Each social style expresses distinct behaviors that can be easily identified. Common behaviors of each social style will be listed below. Use these lists to guide you in identifying the social styles of others in your life. You will see overlapping behaviors as these behaviors are not necessarily unique to just one social style. (Note: This is based on the book “How to Deal with Annoying People” by Bob Phillips and Kimberly Alyn).

Alphas (Thinkers):

  • Think before they speak
  • Talk softly and slowly
  • Eat slowly
  • Perform tasks with reflection or careful consideration
  • Follow instructions
  • Thrive on facts
  • Enjoy details
  • Display good manners
  • Dress conservatively
  • Are on time or early
  • Do not display emotion
  • Make mindful decisions
  • Are private
  • Can be overly critical
  • Stay extremely focused
  • Want things done correctly the first time
  • Stay organized
  • Examine all possible alternatives
  • Play the devil’s advocate
  • Are “letter of the law” people
  • Can be rigid, inflexible or stubborn
  • Are very responsible
  • Like planning
  • Can be nagging
  • Can be narrow-minded

Betas (Doers):

  • Speak before they think
  • Talk quickly and boldly
  • Eat quickly
  • Can perform many tasks at once
  • Can be insensitive
  • Make direct eye contact
  • Dislike details
  • Tend to intimidate people
  • Are on time or early
  • Do not display emotion
  • Make quick decisions
  • Like to lead
  • Can overpower people
  • Are fearless
  • Do not like chitchat
  • Possess high energy
  • Dress powerfully
  • Are opinionated
  • Can be stubborn or obstinate
  • Face conflict head-on
  • Are impatient
  • Despise excuses
  • Can be intolerant
  • Appear arrogant
  • Very assertive; can be belligerent
  • Show great initiative
  • Very confident
  • Have tremendous willpower
  • Work at top speed
  • Sarcastic

Gammas (Sociables):

  • Speak with a friendly tone
  • Talk softly and slowly
  • Are great listeners
  • Like to please people
  • Prefer to follow
  • Like to volunteer
  • Dislike conflict
  • Are very courteous
  • Avoid decisions
  • Seek approval
  • Are very humble
  • Possess extreme patience
  • Avoid attention
  • Encourage people
  • Are generous and giving
  • Can make excuses
  • Are very cooperative
  • Do not like criticism
  • Are very likeable
  • Can be insecure
  • Can be overly dependent
  • Move slowly (on things)
  • Can be overly sensitive
  • Are not assertive
  • Display loyalty
  • Are diplomatic
  • Value cooperation
  • Put people before tasks
  • Show compassion
  • Tend to procrastinate

Deltas (Thespians):

  • Speak before they think
  • Talk quickly and loudly
  • Eat quickly
  • Are visionaries (dreamers)
  • Adapt to anything
  • Are overly relaxed about time
  • Can be undisciplined
  • Are big risk-takers
  • Have a hard time following through
  • Dress uniquely
  • Have short attention spans
  • Unpredictable
  • Love spontaneity
  • Are very enthusiastic
  • Highly energetic
  • Love to talk
  • Dismiss what other people think
  • Tell it like it is
  • Dislike details
  • Like to socialize
  • Are creative and imaginative
  • Are outspoken and outgoing
  • Can be rebellious
  • Motivate and inspire people
  • Possess flexibility
  • Prone to exaggeration
  • Lack focus
  • Have a great sense of humor
  • Dislike rules

Social Styles of Famous People

In the book, “How to Deal with Annoying People”, by Bob Phillips and Kimberly Alyn, social styles of famous people were listed. After looking them over, who else do you think could be added to each list?

Famous Alphas (fictional characters included): Albert Einstein, Woodrow Wilson, Confucius, Isaac Newton, William Shakespeare, Moses, Agatha Christie, Charles Darwin, William Buckley, The Apostle Thomas, Billy Crystal, The Gospel-writer Luke, Sherlock Holmes, Spock (“Star Trek”)

Famous Betas: Napoleon, Bill O’Reilly, The Apostle Paul, Margaret Thatcher, Richard Nixon, Adolph Hitler, Henry Ford, Clint Eastwood, Martin Luther King, Harrison Ford, Rush Limbaugh, Jacob (Bible), Lucy (of Peanuts comic strip), Dr. McCoy (“Star Trek”)

Famous Gammas: Jimmy Carter, Mother Teresa, Gandhi, Princess Diana, Gerald Ford, Dick Clark, Bill Cosby, John Denver, Dale Carnegie, John Candy, Esther (Bible), Abraham (Bible), Winnie the Pooh, Scotty (“Star Trek”)

Famous Deltas: Bob Hope, Don Knotts, Robin Williams, Jim Carrey, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Carol Burnett, Lucille Ball, Joan Rivers, Jack Berry, Jezebel (Bible), The Apostle Paul, Donald Duck, Captain Kirk (“Star Trek”)

I wonder where Mickey Mouse, Charlie Brown and Stephen King would fit in?

Tomorrow, identifying social styles of others will be discussed. For more on Social Styles see past blogs: Annoyance, What’s Your Social Style?, and The Positive and Negatives of Social Styles.

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