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Spontaneous Moments!

Spontaneous times make life truly worth living! It is honestly being in and enjoying the moment. It is doing what you feel like doing! And, that is exactly what it felt like these past couple of days! All activities have been voluntary and mostly spur of the moment.

Yesterday, I enjoyed a delightful conversation for nearly an hour with my friend, Mikell Worley. She moved over the summer and I haven’t been able to connect with her for 4 or 5 months. I am going up to visit her next week, a four and half hour drive up the coast. I can’t wait!

I decided to meet my husband for lunch in the middle of his work day, then later, I ran into a schoolmate at the dollar store. She invited my husband and I to a Halloween Party her family is hosting. It is scheduled for tonight. I decided, YES! My husband and I are going to go! We get to put together costumes and we are going to have FUN!

With spontaneity and being spontaneous comes bliss. Everything seems better in many ways, which I welcome with open arms especially after the few challenges I experienced days before. Perhaps this is due to letting go of time constraints.

Spontaneity gives you a sense of freedom, an invitation to just be to live in the moment. It is liberating when you can engage in activities without any expectations. Aha! That’s it! When there are no expectations, you can experience happiness. Joy comes easily when we can eliminate the “how things need to /should be.” It is letting go our expectations and simply enjoying the present. How can you engage in more spontaneous moments in your life? Is there anything you want to do in this very moment? Go on, do it! Live, love and laugh!



Spontaneity is like throwing caution into the wind and living! It is being in the moment and doing what you feel like doing! That is exactly what it felt like today! All activities today were voluntary and undetermined with no plans or set direction.

The weather was even been spontaneous as gusts of warm wind moved clouds around like a summer day (in the middle of winter); maybe it will rain or maybe it won’t rain. Ultimately it did rain.  It was a wonderful day to do whatever you felt like doing as the warmth of the sun and the carefree breezes made you feel like a kid in the middle of summer with nothing better to do than to listen to the birds and frogs sing and watch the clouds pass by.

With spontaneity and being spontaneous came joy and bliss. Everything seemed better in many ways today. There was a heightened awareness as everything seemed more colorful and inviting. Perhaps this was because there was little concern about time.

Spontaneity allows one a sense of freedom, an invitation to just be. You are at liberty when  you can engage in activities without any expectation. Aha! That’s it! With no expectation comes joy! It was letting go and simply enjoying the moment… actually enjoying the whole day. How can you invite more spontaneity into your life?

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