a tickle of words to create smiles

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Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated. After all, the word treat is a very positive one. Who doesn’t like getting a “treat”? Even our pets love treats! My puppy-dog Sasha responds with body wiggles (not just tail wags) to the word, “treat!”

Delight in treating others with love and respect. I receive such a positive charge when I get a smile out of others by expressing a compliment or simply smiling at them. You never know what kind of day they have already experienced, and this may just be the perk they needed to get through the rest of it.

Today, a gentleman held open a door for me. I always feel special whenever I am treated with respect. I looked him in the eyes, smiled and said, “thank-you.” And, he said, “you’re welcome.” It was such a positive experience. It made the rest of my day a bit more pleasant. Treat others (not just tweet…chuckle) and spread around the positive; and, notice how much positive is around you and is returned. Such positive treatment between people creates a loving community.

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