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Grateful for Technology (TY – 7)


Technology; we seem to notice it when it doesn’t work; however, all of the technology in our lives, which we take for granted, has allowed us to do many tasks and activities. How many can you list in a minute? Here is my quick list: Communicate from almost anywhere, check my e-mail from nearly anywhere, check-in social media sites, monitor the weather, navigate to destinations, track myself almost anywhere, do live face-to-face virtual communication via webcams from all over the world, research any topic from home or portable device, find the best deals with my portable device, play on-line games, connect to the internet without wires, print documents in seconds, take hundreds of photos digitally, use solar-powered devices like calculators, stay up at all hours of the night because of electric lights, cook meals without being present using a crock pot with a digital timer, cook meals faster and easier with a microwave oven… and so on and so forth.

My list has barely scratched the surface of everything we rely on technology to do. Technology is used everywhere and is part of almost everything. It is not just computers, but it is part of telephones, cars, radios, televisions, cameras, satellite systems, electricity and electrical systems, etc. I am grateful how technology has played a significant role in my life and how it has connected me with people from all over the world. Technology has allowed me to do so many things better, quicker and easier. I truly appreciate technology (and the people who engineered it all). Thank you, technology.

Imagination Day 4

Today I invite you to play and engage your imagination. I found this interactive game called Imagination that allows you to create beautiful wavy lines with your cursor/mouse. Link: IMAGINATION

What do you think? Does it stimulate and engage your imagination? NEAVE INTERACTIVE is a digital playground of interactive tools, toys, apps, and art. Neave Interactive appears to be a site worthy of further exploration. More imagination activities will be presented tomorrow. Enjoy!

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