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Grateful for Veterans (TY-20)


Today, I would like to recognize and appreciate veterans. I often do not think about all the wonderful men and women who have devoted their lives to defend our wonderful country (United States of America); yet, many of my dearest friends and a few of my relatives have served in the armed branches  (Navy, Air Force, Army, National Guard, Coast Guard and Marines) . They are honorable people and I love them dearly. 

I appreciate the time they spent away from their families to serve under uncertain conditions to maintain our military presence and protect/inspire democracy in unstable areas of the world. I am grateful for their sense of duty, their enthusiasm, and their self-discipline. While, I value and appreciate all the veterans in my life, today I would like to thank every veteran for their honorable services to our great nation. I salute you! 


Gratitude for our Veterans!

I want to take this time to thank ALL the Veterans out there for their valor and courage, for their sacrifices and self-discipline! I am honored to have many friends and loved ones who have served our country. I feel fortunate and blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for being a part of the backbone of our wonderful country, whilst you created flight plans, flew planes and helicopters, sailed the ocean blue, marched through unfamiliar territory and watched brothers and sisters in arms come in harm’s way. Thank you so very much! I love you!

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