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in Memory of Donna Summer

Donna Summer, a diva and icon of the disco era, has passed on Thursday, May 17 (2012). As a child of 5 or 6 years old, Donna Summer and the Bee Gees were among my favorites. I was enchanted by the dance music of the seventies. Discotheques were a place where grown-ups went, all dressed up in shine and glam, big hair and frilly clothing. The dance floor was all lit up and the music surrounded you.

Songs like I Feel Love, Last Dance, Hot Stuff and Bad Girls filled the airwaves. Donna Summer epitomized the era! She will be sorely missed, but her music will live on. I was delighted to learn that she became a daughter of Christ a few years ago. I sorry that she suffered from cancer; but, now she is home with God, pain-free and more beautiful than ever.

Here is Susan Munao’s official personal statement about Donna’s death. (I learned she was Donna’s manager from 78 to 86, and has been seen at her side at other more recent events.)

This is not farewell because hope still remains through ‘our faith’. You see Donna was not only a client and a friend…she was my sister. She was the one who God used to bring me into relationship with Him and I am forever grateful that we both believe in eternal life and that through Jesus we will see each other again.

It was evident to anyone who knew her that she loved unconditionally. Donna Summer fulfilled her dream to be a singer, a wife and a mother and shared her amazing talent with all of us, through her voice and music and the songs she wrote which clearly stood the test of time. She impacted us all and although she is credited for being the Queen of Disco, she was so much more than that! Donna was a woman of faith, integrity and valor, yet humble of heart. She had an undying love and devotion to the Lord, her husband, children, grandchildren, family, friends and loyal fans.

For me, I will be forever blessed by my friendship with Donna, our working relationship and sisterhood. This is a great loss we all share, yet in the midst of it I want to be sure we celebrate her and her journey. She was more than she called herself, more than an “Ordinary Girl”!  – Susan Munao

Susan’s words say it all. If you wish to see more on Donna Summer, I found this phenomenal tribute site: http://www.donna-tribute.com/news.htm

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