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Agape Love

In the Greek language there are 3 types of love: agape, philia, and eros. Agape, which is an unconditional love that most people strive to express to their loved ones but always fall short because we have not truly experienced it directly except through our own beliefs in God, the Creator. Unconditional love or agape love has been explained as that paternal love of God for humans. It is that divine, self-sacrificing, active, volitional and thoughtful love, which has been expressed by Jesus and God in the Bible of the Christian faith; as well as other prophets in other religious content.

Agape love is quite spiritual in nature as it is a type of love that originates from one’s soul. It is a feeling that looks beyond all faults and failings even if it is criminal or perverse. ¬†It is truly very difficult if not impossible to truly express agape love to everyone. People tend to be judgmental especially when it comes to violence and perversion as one does not want to condone or approve of such negative activities. It is impossible to look beyond criminal and negative¬†activities and still continue to love those who acted with criminal intentions. Nonetheless, agape love needs to be considered if people are ever to experience worldwide peace. Yes, it will not be easy, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy; but, consider the joy that will be felt by all when agape love is experienced and expressed by everyone.

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