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I spent most of January creating these incredible acrylic paintings (each is 20 by 16 inches) for my art exhibition in my local library. I am being showcased for the entire month of February. It is such an honor!

All the effort did not go unrewarded as my immune system came to a screeching halt. Exhausted and tired due to running on adrenaline all last month, the FLU caught up to me. So, I listened to my body, because I had no choice and spent most of the weekend recuperating in my sanctuary, otherwise known as my comfy and cozy bed. Hot fluids, a few over the counter medicines and bed rest ruled the past couple of days. As promised, here is a digital collage of my artwork. I hope it brings you as much joy as it brought me when I created them.

More blogging when I feel better. Have a super-duper week!!!


Comments on: "Art Exhibition and Exhaustion" (11)

  1. Your artwork is beautiful Angi! May all the Love you poured into it, flow back through you healing you well and quickly!

  2. Oh Angi, these are beautiful!! Get well soon, poppet, and enjoy your exhibition this month ((( hugs )))

  3. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!! Congrats on your exhibition!! It’s one of my dreams to have one someday too! YAY for you!!!

  4. Dr. Angi,
    I am glad you are up and around and am looking forward to more of your positive messages and beautiful artwork. May you sell many to keep your worthy causes going and going and going. Love, ❤

  5. Amazing paintings – thank you for sharing … It caught up with me two weeks ago – Left work on Friday before MLK day spent that day in bed, and most of the weekend napping too. It’s been two weeks and I am finally getting all my energy back … Take your time recovering … Be well !!!

  6. Isn’t it amazing how our body tries to get our attention over and over……..and if ignored long enough, it stages a strike! 🙂 Glad you’re recovering, but am also overjoyed that you had this chance to brighten so many lives. ~ Beautiful work, Angi. ~ Love, Bobbie

  7. Beautiful acrylic paintings! Your exhibition will be a great hit–each one is open to interpretation–and everyone will have comments. Lovely.

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