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Generosity can be defined as being in the state of giving or sharing. It is the deliberate and joyful sharing spirit, where one is open to giving time, love, talent, knowledge and tangible, material things and resources. Basically a generous spirit shares! Sharing is joyfully allowing or permitting something that belongs to a person (or rather something that a person has, because nothing truly belongs to us) and letting another being or group of beings have it.

A loving and generous being shares positive energy along with anything tangible when things are shared with love and joy. But, suppose, one shares negative energy like anger or grief? Would that be considered generous, too? Is it a positive action to do? Consider this scenario, when one releases his or her negative energies, what is left? The answer is positive energy.  Now, this does not imply that one should share negative energy with another person or creature unless you have volunteer, because sometimes a friend will lend support in this way like a shoulder to cry. One can share negative energy through art, writing, music, dance or any creative activity.  Sometimes negative energy generously fuels creativity and that is a positive  and healing event.

Generosity in its most positive light has many rewards. When a person shares his or her time, talent, knowledge and resources, often that person will have these reciprocated. Is that not the secret to the law of abundance? Generosity without negative attachments or expectations produces an outcome where the giver will receive the joy and happiness of having the opportunity to be generous; furthermore, the giver will most likely be rewarded with love, appreciation and possibly something that is tangible.

The beauty of having a generous spirit is that a person does not have to be monetarily wealthy to give or to share. A sentient being can be generous with his or her time, knowledge and talents. Through sharing time, knowledge and talents with other sentient beings, people will find themselves enriched through the experiences of interacting with other people.  Consider how generosity can play a significant role in people’s lives and imagine our world filled with generosity. 

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  1. Nice one here. The simplicity of the language, like in the other posts, is really deep.
    I think we should read more of this often.
    An Uncle of mine used to say ‘Anyone who says he must be wealthy or have much before the person becomes generous has set the person’s mind to being mean before time’
    Well done on all the work you are doing over here. IT means much in ways you wouldn’t know. Best wishes and have a lovely day.

  2. And you, my friend, are so very generous! I am loving how what you are sharing here. Thank you! ~ B

  3. I like how you include “consider” at the end as if to add a definite purpose to your post – something for your readers to think about and find their own conclusions. I love funnelling negative energy into writing if only to get my thoughts across and so I really relate to what you’ve written here.Simply by sharing your thoughts, I believe you have such a generous nature. And I do believe your prompts at the end of your posts will compel me to make my own discoveries…Wonderful!

    • Thank you so much! You are very perceptive ‘nessa. A resounding yes…as it IS my intention to get the readers of my blog (including myself) to ponder and discover things about themselves. Thank you again so very much. With joy and blessings, Angi

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  5. […] Generosity (post for February 4) (akissofbliss.wordpress.com) […]

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