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Transparency is a word that recently has been used more and more to describe openness, particularly when it comes to people, organizations and ideal governments. Transparency is being translucent/clear, open and honest with yourself and your intentions.  There is no hidden agenda to be found. Everything is clear and honest. All actions and words are genuine and sincere. There is no ambiguity. When people are transparent, then trust and love can develop. Through transparency, ideal communities can be created.

These transparent communities of people with clear missions and openness are the ones that will wonderfully produce positive changes in the world such as world peace, love and abundance with one specific mission at a time. These specific missions can take on many forms, such as, creating a community garden to fill the nutritional needs of the community, producing an exchange site where a community can trade goods among themselves they no longer need or want for things they can use, or creating learning centers where people can exchange ideas in their immediate community.

Eventually, these ideas, as they are met with success, will be used in other communities. Success in one community will fuel successes in other communities as long as the intentions of the communities stay transparent and pure. This, in turn, would lead to world-wide peace, love and abundance. There are so many possibilities where very little resources and/or monies need to be used. All these possibilities simply start with transparent intentions from an individual who then gain the trust of others with similar ideals. Consider transparency; what does it look like for you and your community?

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  1. I work for a school district that speaks of transparency and initiatives have been launched such as a parent portal where parents can go online and look at their children’s grades any time the choose. Yet, departmental transparency is a little slower in coming. There are certain documents and memos that are made public via websites and wikis, but a lot of information is still guarded. Many of our departments are familiar with the book called The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, yet I can’t say we are totally living it out. How would you propose we work toward a fuller experience of transparency?

    • First and foremost, you model transparency as much as you can. Then you openly ask questions about the specifics of that for which you want openness where you feel there is not. That is where you start.

      I suppose there are times when there is a need for confidentiality, which is fine, as long as everyone is aware that this file or document needs to remain undisclosed. Then reasons need to be presented as to why this or that needs to remain undisclosed. I think one good example is when a student asks a teacher, “do you believe in God?” As much as one would like to be open about that question he or she may need to answer, “as an agent of the state, I cannot tell you one way or another in the confides of this school building as it violates separation of church and state”. Thank you for such a great comment and question Aubrey.

  2. Opaqueness overcome by transparency, I suppose when there is nothing left to hide then it will become us … the watercolor shows an accomplished artists hand, very nice ….

    • Thank you so very much Grandfathersky. I suppose it is a shame we feel the need to hide at all; when we can be open and transparent…then we can truly see how much we are all alike…all our imperfections and all our humanity.

      It is a wonderful experience to get a glimpse into others as I feel it brings them closer to me and to others. Much like your poetry gives us a glimpse of who you are and with that there is that wonderful connection. You see?

      • I do see, it takes time to know what is in another’s heart, and there must also be their willingness to allow us to see … not always the easiest thing, even when they are crying out for help, there are roadblocks to their recovery ….

    • Yes, Grandfathersky. It is not easy to be transparent as it makes one vulnerable. Past hurts create blocks. And, it indeed takes time. I believe just a bit of willingness to move in the direction of sharing one’s self with others leads to enrichment and enlightenment…love and peace. With blessings, Angi

  3. Satina Scott said:

    I believe when we are transparent about what we perceive to be ‘flaws’ that we really show that we are all not so different after all. I work very hard to be transparent in all that I do, and even though I’ve been at it for years and people are rather shocked at how transparent I am, I still struggle with it every day out of fear of rejection because I still reject so much about myself and wish it was different. Just leaving this comment is a big exercise in transparency for me. Art has made me more transparent than ever, because if I’m not being transparent, the art sucks. And it’s no fun. If I’m being transparent and letting the art happen through me, taking what’s inside me and making it visual outside of me, I flow with it and it’s magic.

    • Satina, I deeply appreciate your wonderful comment and for you to step outside your comfort zone to be transparent here. I know it is not easy for any of us; but, what it leads to is magical. With joy and blessings, Angi

  4. So true!! Transparency is one of my favorite traits. However, it is so difficult to practice it in this world that teaches about keeping secrets, competing, ambition, control, etc. Being transparent to me is to be honest about my faults and limitations, and being ok with it, and simply live.

    • Yes, indeed. It is not easy to be transparent; but, I find it to be worthwhile once I can get over the inadequacy part…yeah that is a stickler. Thank you so very much for your comment Noel. With joy and blessings, Angi

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