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One of the best things people can do to enrich their minds is to engage in activities that allow them to play in their imagination as if they were children again playing in a sandbox. Using the imagination is a form of playing that anyone can do alone. Like deep breathing and meditation, engaging imagination allows people to deflate the stresses in their lives.  When people are in a more relaxed state, they become more aware of their environments and they can take in the simple joys in life that they had not noticed before, such as seeing a gorgeous sunrise, a squirrel exploring or the emerging flowers of Spring. 

One of the side effects of using imagination is having a longer attention span and heightened awareness of one’s immediate environment. As people practice using their imaginations, they will find that they are able to focus more! A great exercise in expanding one’s imagination is to design or create something specific.

Today, I invite you to design your ideal space in your mind or on paper. You can write about it, doodle it, draw it, paint it or even sing about it. It can be as real or surreal as you like. Consider the following questions: Is your space indoor or outdoor or something in between? What elements or objects are in your space? What is the temperature like? What colors do you see? What textures are around you? What fragrances do you sense? What sounds do you hear? Is it music, the ocean, a waterfall, birds chirping, or is it completely silent? Is it daytime or nighttime? Are you in a wonderland where anything is possible like living underwater or in ice?

This is your perfect space, so it can be anything you wish. And, it can change from day-to-day. The choice is yours. You can do this exercise anytime you need to be in your perfect environment. As you imagine your perfect space, your mind will put you there just like it is real. How cool is that? Have fun with this. 

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  1. If I ride my bicycle 5 short miles from here, there is a bench along the linear trail, next to a running brook. There I find peace every time I visit. I rode my bicycle everywhere as a boy. I’ve heard it called The Noblest Invention.

    • That sounds ideal. 🙂 I am a short walk away from an inlet off the mouth of the Poquoson River (off the Chesapeake Bay) and my neighbor’s pier through his property (of glorious woods). It is like walking through an enchanted forest. Roundtrip is almost 2 miles. I love it…peaceful. Yes, the bicycle is indeed a noble invention. ♥

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