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I am grateful that I get to vote! I have a voice and no one is going to take it away from me because I exercise my right to vote. In fact, I feel it is my responsibility to vote.

I follow the issues and make informed decisions. I voice my support and I voice my protests as I see fit. I am deeply grateful to have the freedom to do this. Furthermore, I respect and welcome the voice of others, who have different perspectives and insights.

The hodgepodge of wonderful ideas and different viewpoints is what makes The United States of America a WONDERFUL place to live. God bless the United States of America! I know my readers who are eligible to vote in the U.S. went out (or going to) and exercised their right to vote during this 2012 U.S. Presidential Election, right?  Thank you and God Bless YOU!

Comments on: "Grateful For The Voting Process and Democracy" (4)

  1. I’m with you. I grew up with the slogan, treat others how you wish to be treated. I want others to respect my opinion, and so I give respect to others who have different opinions. I don’t argue, and I only debate on the few issues I hold most important.
    This is inspiring me to write my own entry, highlighting a quote I love by Spinoza:
    “I have learned not to mock, lament, or execrate, but to UNDERSTAND human actions.”
    When you UNDERSTAND someone else (their emotions, their point of view, their culture, etc) that makes it a lot harder to mock them or hate them. Understanding each other is SO important, and one of the keys to personal peace in my opinion.

  2. Those who do not exercise their right to vote lose their right to complain about the policies that get enacted by those who won the election!

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