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Wish, wishes, wishing wells, wishing fountains, wishing upon a star, blowing out the candles and making a wish, wishbones are the many ways we express our desires; but, what are wishes? Are they hopes? Are they desires? It is somewhat humorous  how wishes have such a large amount of folklore around them such as Aladdin and the magic lamp with the genie who granted three wishes. I also recall a fairy tale from my childhood of a fish that granted a wish. Also, there are all those fables with the moral, “be careful for which you wish because it may come true.” Many amusing thoughts come to mind, like the joke, “I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener, Poof!” According to many dictionaries, a wish is a desire, longing, or strong inclination for a specific thing.

I truly believe wishes can become reality when we visualize the outcome of our desires and the steps to getting there. I believe if we act as if our wish has come true; then it will. For example, if I wish to be an acclaimed writer, then I simply write as if I am already there. This could be the same for almost any desired outcome, could it not? If you wish to be beautiful and confident, then why not act like you are already beautiful and confident. Chances are extremely good, if you go forth with confidence and carry yourself well with a smile on your face and in your heart, then you will be seen as beautiful. Beauty is more than skin deep and can radiate from your soul; but, that is a whole other blog.

It is good to remember that joy can be defined as wishing all that you already have and celebrating this.


Fun! It is delightful and playful.  We are laughing uncontrollably as we dance vivaciously and energetically to the rhythmic music of our soul. Our hearts are beating to the boom, boom, boom of the sound of our song. Fun is colorful! Fun is festive. Fun is whatever we make of it! Creating fun is fun. Sparkly, bubbly and fanciful fun can be. Especially when it is more than just me. Smile on my face and a grin from grace. Joy and delight with all our might! Fun under the moon and the sun. Fun can and will take place morning, noon and night. Life is too brief to be taken with grief. Give me a smile. Let it stay for a while. Lightheartedness is best when surrounded by mess. The contrast creates more glee because then you can really see the delight of fun, which is joyful and free. Lots of fun for you and me.

Fun can be as simple as picking out something to wear that excites your senses like a bright and colorful scarf, warm woolen socks or a fragrant cologne that tickles your nose. Fun can play a role in each meal that you eat like a fresh-baked bread or a large juicy pear. Fun can be taking a different route to where you need to go. Fun can be turning up the volume on your radio. Fun can be hearing a chirping bird or two. Fun can be in everything you do. Fun is what we make with every turn we take. We can choose fun! Fun can be dancing in the rain, playing in the snow or strolling in the sun. Fun is singing, writing and painting. Fun is playing, cooking and reading. Fun can be dynamic and interactive. Fun can be sitting back and simply relaxing.

Fun is for anyone and everyone under the stars, the moon and the sun. Fun is letting things flow with go; it can be fast or it can be slow. Fun, fun, fun is fun to say. It is a word that likes to play. Fun can be had at home, at school or at work. Fun can be done while shopping, running errands or even doing chores. Fun can be planned into any activity you wish, like raking the leaves, making a bed, or washing a dish. Oh, what fun it is to write when creating a passage with delight! Fun!

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