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Appreciating Time (TY-14)


I am grateful for time; and, this weekend we get the hour back we saved over the spring for daylight savings time (in my part of the world). The beauty about time is we (usually) receive the same amount daily to use as we wish. We do have choice in this even if it seems like we do not. For instance, a commute to work takes a certain amount of time that is pre-designated; however, you can utilize the time by repeating affirmations in your mind as you drive, listen to inspirational music or a book on cd/tape.

Time is truly our best friend and it needs to be appreciated. Too often we allow time to slip away often unnoticed without really using it to do something productive,  positive, or memorable. I intend to spend a moment of time to really appreciate the time I have; and, this weekend I am grateful to have an extra hour.





by: Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

Designate a day….to play!
Designate a time…to rhyme!

It is your DESIGN!
Wonderful and fine!

YOU get to CHOOSE!
YOU can’t LOSE!

YOU get to DECIDE!
Time to abide…

and LISTEN to your HEART
That is the BEST place to START!

DESIGN-ate your time; don’t wait!
And do NOT hesitate.

Define your deeds.
Fulfill your needs.

There is a fire in YOU that burns within.
Ignited by a desire or dream, fueled by adrenalin.

Awakening your creative spirit, setting it free.
Your senses come alive, YOU will see

that  it is time that you get to DESIGN-ate
Why do you wait? Don’t hesitate.

Is it FEAR
at your REAR?

Let it BE
Set your soul FREE!

It is your destiny and  fate!
To DESIGN-ate!

Make Time…for YOU!


Make time for those things you truly want to do. Worry not. The things that need your attention, will get it, but with more joy! The key is to schedule your time with balance in mind. I have found this to work really well for me! I find that I am getting so much more done because I am able to put forth more enthusiasm and energy to all my tasks because I scheduled in some “fun”.

I know during this time of year is a season of preparations, parties, shopping, decorating and loads of busyness. It does not have to take the wind out of your sails if you take the time to take a breather or two daily. And, yes, life happens when you make plans.

So, keep it flexible. You already know what you need to do. Just include an activity or two that will give you a spark. For me it is creating art to music. One song takes 5 minutes maximum. With a bit of set-up and clean-up, it is a total of ten minutes; and, wow, I am ready to do the next “need-to” task. What activities can you “squeeze-in” that will make you blissful? Balance is the solution!

Grateful for Seasons

As the leaves fall off the trees and autumn colors are in full swing with its yellows, oranges and reds, I find myself grateful to be able to relish in its splendor. I am fortunate to live in a place where we experience four very distinct seasons of winter, spring summer and fall, which is a fabulous reminder of our own cycle of life. The bounty of our summer’s harvest  has been collected. The chill is in the air.

Yes, autumn is a period of time when plant life recedes into a restful state as winter approaches. The peaceful, cold winters brings with it many wonderful holidays, but it also bring us to an end and to a  close of another year. Life on earth will one day come to an end for each of us; however, this is not a time for sorrow. Indeed, it is a time for celebration, as the spring approaches with rebirth and renewal. The spirit in each of us lives on.

Spring brings new life, a period of growth and development, as each of us experience many times over in each stage of our lives. The warmer air brings hope and anticipation as we approach summer, when flowers become fruit. As we reflect on our lives, do we count years or do we think about seasons, such as that was the summer you graduated from high school or that was the spring you learned to drive.

I was blessed with a baby sister the winter of 1974. It was in the mid-summer of 2007, when I exchanged vows with the love of my life. I will never forget the fall of 2008, when we adopted our beautiful puppy dog. What do the seasons say to you? What wonderful memories do they stir? How will you spend your next winter, spring, summer and fall?

Time to Bond…


I had the most wonderful couple of days! I got to spend time with two phenomenal women, Mikell and Deborah. Mikell opened up her home to me as we shared our hearts. Deborah joined us the next night for dinner, when we spent time together and really got to know each other on a deeper level.

The whole experience reminded me the importance of developing deep and meaningful bonds. Two years ago, we became acquainted via an on-line life coach certification program with thirty other wonderful women. Mikell, Deborah, Carrie and I were part of a cohort of  four, in which we discussed lessons, completed a couple of team  projects, and supported each other. (Carrie was not able to join us this time; however, I am certain she will next time.)

Mikell, Deborah and I were able to really connect at a profound, meaningful level when we spent time face-to-face. The interpersonal relationship we had established with each other two years ago was greatly enhanced, as we exchanged and expressed stories of ourselves and our interests openly, honestly and with admiration for each other. It was powerful! I wish we had more time together. I am certain we will manifest more opportunities to get together. The past couple of days allowed me to appreciate and realize the value of time and energy given to develop and strengthen the bonds with others in our lives. It is vital to share time and energy in order to nurture interpersonal relationships. How have you spent your time and energy these past couple of days?

One Moment At A Time

I often need to remind myself to be gentle and patient…with myself.
~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

One moment at a time is all I can handle. In all honesty, it is all any of us can handle. The past has lapsed and cannot be and should not be relived. The future is yet to come; and even with the best of plans and intentions, it is only in this very moment that we live. We live one moment at a time.

As I look ahead to the next few days, I see many events that will be taking place. I choose not to stress over these events, because I can only live these events one moment at a time. I will be exactly where I need to be when these events take place. I have the calendar out and I am sketching up a doable routine for myself, which will include walking between 45 to 60 minutes with my father 3 to 5 times this week.

I am looking forward to each and every item I intend for myself; and, I will no longer flounder around in my days going from one activity or project to another without some structure. This will afford me the sense of accomplishment…a start and finish. Progress will be made, because I will put for a specific amount of time to each activity or project. As I stated in another blog article (To Be Gentle and Patient…September 23, 2012) , I need to remind myself to be gentle and patient…with myself. We can only live one moment at a time; furthermore, nothing great was built in a day.

Today is the Tomorrow…

Today is the tomorrow I dreamt about yesterday. I wish this were my original thought, but I know I have heard it before. It is one that I often live by as I believe it is important to live in the moment as if it were our last one to make a difference for ourselves and others.

Time is so fleeting, so doing what we feel we need to do right now instead of waiting  is important. Why wait until tomorrow? Why put off activities and experiences for a later time when we can do them right now? Tomorrow is not guaranteed. We only have this present moment. Live for the moment. Seize it and make it count whenever you can. Live, love and laugh!

Time will Transform… (Dr. Angi’s Law #3)

Dr. Angi’s Law #3

Time will transform all the negatives in your life into positives! ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

They say time heals all wounds. I say not only does it heal all wounds, but it also transforms them into blessings and opportunities. When in the midst of a “trying circumstances”, it is harder to see; but, by allowing yourself time to grieve, meditate and pray, you will find yourself uplifted and stronger. Negatives become positive. You have grown stronger and more courageous from the experience. Time truly does transform the negatives in our lives into positives. We just need to be patient and open to receive this gift of transformation.

It Only Takes a Second…

With 86,400 seconds per day…that is 3600 seconds an hour, I have more than enough time to use a few of those to make someone’s day. ~ Dr. Angela Kowitz Orobko

It only takes a second or two to say hello, thank you, bless you and I love you. It only takes a moment to smile or pat someone on the back. It only takes a few moments to hold open a door or help someone. However, it is in those few selfless moments that touch the hearts of others. How deeply we may impact another, only God knows. How much more time would we spend with others, if we knew today was his or her last day (or last few moments)? Consider making someone’s day. It only takes a second.

Time for Time

Time for most can be a fleeting thing. It flows from the future to the present and into the past in a blink of an eye. People can hold on to that moment when they hold onto the thought or emotion of that moment; however, when it is not memorable, it is disheartening. Where did the time go? Was the time ill-spent on worry or trivial matters? Or, was it spent on a joyous event with loved ones?

Time is one of the most precious commodities, resources and gifts that a person has to treasure, to offer and to share. The best moments are those that make a deep impression upon people’s minds. Those moments where a mind is totally undivided and filled with intense focus or profound emotions. 

Time has a way of being fast or slow in my mind depending on the event. Anticipated major events in people’s lives never seem to arrive, yet when people get closer and closer to the time of the grand event, time flees in a blink of an eye. Project deadlines have a way of doing that. Why does time seems to go by so slow when waiting in a doctor’s office reception area, waiting at a traffic signal, sitting in a dentist’s chair during an oral examination, or while engaged in physical activity like fitness walking where one needs to do something for a certain amount of time. How often do children (and adults) wonder during a long trip and often vocalize, “are we there yet?”

It is all a matter of perspective. How does time feel to you when you are doing an activity you really enjoy? Have you been so totally enthralled in an activity that you lose your sense of time? Time passes by quickly when people do not pay attention to it. Time is not the focus of a person’s thoughts, the activity in which they are engaged has their undivided attention. 

Savoring the moment with loved ones should equally be memorable. To attend to them and really focus on their presence, attentively listening is really important. It is one of the most loving gestures a person can do for his or her loved ones, friends and family. It would be a loving gesture for people to extend their time to people they do not know such as taking an extra moment to hold open a door for someone or to take a moment to assist someone with packages. There are countless ways people can share their time with people they do not know (yet). 

The world would be so much better particularly in an individual’s immediate community, if a person simply gave an extra moment of time to everyone he or she interacts. Let it not be divided with thoughts and technology (mobile phones and other electronic devices). Some of the best experiences can be obtained when a person goes out and runs errands where he or she engage in meaningful conversations with other people in the store, in the check line and with store attendants. Everyone is truly a potential friend. It is within each individual’s power to make someone’s day (or not). 

Consider marking those times in your life by paying close attention. Make it memorable by focusing on the people you are with us at that time and on what you are doing. Take notice with all your senses to mark that moment in time. Time is too valuable to be allowed to fleet away without complete awareness. It is time to notice time.

Today, the book Creating Time by Marney K. Makridakis was launched on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I am delighted to share with you that I am a contributor to Creating Time. You will find my artwork and a few of my quotes in it. Creating Time is a beautifully laid out, interactive book with lots of thought shifting exercises around the concept of time. I invite you all to check it out: http://www.artellaland.com/time.html 

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